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If you have a dog, you know how smart they can be and how proud you are when they learn a new trick.  So, you’ll completely understand why I take such pride in announcing the debut of my dog, Joe’s, new book.  That’s right.  My dog has learned a very tricky trick.  He has co-authored a book…with me, CJ!

I worked at a rural vet for over five years.  During this time, Joe went to work with me every day and rubbed noses with some of the most interesting canines ever.  He met a police dog who took his commands only in German.  Being near the star-studded ski resort of Telluride, Colorado, he got to know Darrell Hannah’s dog and many other colorful characters.  He also has some really cool cousins in both Colorado and Texas.

When it came time to write the book, Joe had a great idea.  He wanted to tell tales straight from the tail.  He wanted to give readers a chance to see life from a back-porch view, just as dogs see it.  So, he rounded up his furry, four-legged friends and asked them to contribute dog blogs.  He didn’t even have to hound them.  They were grrrateful for the chance to share their tales. 

“Joe’s Tale: Dog Stories and Tales by a Dog and His Friends” is a heartwarming book written by dogs about dogs.  You’ll no longer have to wonder what it’s like to be covered in fur and have a wet nose.  You will experience life from a pup’s perspective.  Talk about the warm fuzzies! 


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