CJ Jerabek

CJ has been creative writing for as long as she can remember.  Even before she was old enough to put it down on paper, she imagined stories in her head.  She begged her parents to let her start school early where she could actually write them down.  They gave in and she has been writing ever since.

CJ is a mom, a grandma (don’t worry, she rocks…and not in a chair, she’s the coolest grandma ever!) and an avid lover of pets.  She worked at a rural veterinarian clinic for five years and is a pet-parent to Joe, the co-author of one of her books. 

In her spare time, CJ enjoys spending time with her family, hanging out at her cabin in the mountains as well as her place by the lake.  She also likes to color which is how she got involved in our awesome coloring books.

When she isn’t writing, CJ says she is usually still writing…in her imagination, just as she did as a little girl.  “I just can’t not write,” she laughed.  “I guess that must mean I was born to write.”