Click and Color

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This is a digital copy making it easy to click links and color within minutes. Enjoy linking to all the free printable coloring pages (1000's of pages) directly from your computer.


Do you love to color but don’t want to pay for a coloring book? Now, you don’t have to.  Simply click on the picture you want to color, download and print it. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Get access to hundreds of links that will take you straight to free downloadable coloring pages that you can print out yourself.

Picture this…you are in the mood to color a relaxing scene.  You begin looking for free links and end up with a virus on your computer. Now you are sick over the whole deal and stressed beyond belief.

Click and Color is your fast-track to coloring pages at your fingertips without the drama. After all, when you are in the mood to color, you don’t want to search the internet and put your computer at risk. You simply want to color.

Find coloring pages for adults, like serene scenes and holiday pictures. Or, print out some Disney characters to occupy your youngsters on rainy days. Choose one page or one hundred. It’s entirely up to you. When you click and color, you don’t have to buy a whole book. In fact, the only book you  need is this one. You’ll get free links to access endless pages at your beckon call.

So take the head-ache out of finding coloring page links. Get this book of hassle-free links and put the fun back in coloring.

Click and Color…free coloring has never been so easy.  Life is like a box of crayons…as colorful and creative as you make it.

Thanks for letting us color your world!