Fidget Spinner Games: Awesome Games, Challenges & Dares For Your Hand Spinner

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This is not a fidget spinner trick book. This is an awesome games book for your fidget spinner toys! Get hours of more fun from the fidget spinner with these never before seen games. You haven't seen these before because they were just created! These are awesome fun games with your fidget spinner toy.
Fidget spinners are fun and now we have made them even more fun, by making games out of fidget spinners. Most hand spinner games are online but these are real life games to share with friends, family, classrooms and make a great after dinner activity. There are games for large groups such as Spinner Tag, as well as challenges (aka dares) for two, such as "The Teacher."
There are indoor and outdoor games. There are even fidget fitness challenges and it is not just using the spinner fidget toy for a timer! Coach D took a love of games and made them into Fidget Spinner Games. From traditional games such as Freeze Tag with a spinner, to challenges such as the Lego spinner, all the way to games such as Dog Pound Spinner, there is something for everyone. Step-by-step instructions are included for every game.
As a bonus, we added a fidget spinner party section. Just this week my family enjoyed the Fidget Spinner Fastest Lego Challenge after dinner. Our hope is that your family, classroom or friends can have the same kind of fun!