Medicine Ball Workouts: 8 Week Fitness Plan
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Medicine Ball Workouts: 8 Week Fitness Plan

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Whether you are using a medicine ball for CrossFit, strength training or to get ultimate fitness Medicine Ball Workouts has you covered. Each of the 30 medicine ball exercises shows you a breakdown of primary and secondary muscles targeted, step-by-step instructions and tips to get the most from each exercise (medicine ball exercises ).


Included is an 8 Week Workout Plan with a recovery week placed into the schedule. The only equipment needed for these workouts is your body and a medicine ball. These workouts were strategically designed by Samantha Pankey certified personal trainer, USA Rugby Player and USA Level 200 coach who attended the American College of Sports Medicine.

Within this book, you will find out the benefits of working out with the medicine ball, an overview of the best brands, 30 step-by-step medicine ball exercises and an 8 week workout plan.