PDF of Stretching Your Limits 2

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Stretch your limits with a leg stretcher flexibility strap. Whether you are a dancer, do ballet, gymnastics, yoga or tumbling, the flexibility strap can help you stretch to new heights. It uses static stretching to gently stretch you to new lengths, literally!

 In Stretching Your Limits 2, you get step-by-step-by-step instructions for over 25 leg stretcher exercises. Get easy to follow instructions modeled by professional dancers .

Also included is how to warm up and cool down properly. Learn why to stretch and which type of stretching should be done at which time.

This is a great addition to our first book Stretching Your Limits which focusses on stretches with the ballet stretch band. Since the leg stretcher hooks on the door, these stretches are not the same as in our first book.

These stretches work with all flexibility straps including, Stretchmax Superiorstretch, Everstretch, Stunt Stand, Ballet Flex and Balance Pro. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle edition.

It is a long stretch to the top...but we will help you get there!